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A1 Alcazar Anti-vehicle Rope Barrier

In a world where security is paramount, the conventional fence might not be enough to safeguard your property. While many companies offer protection against intruders attempting to cut through the fence, imagine an intruder determined to gain access, by crashing a vehicle into your perimeter. In such scenarios, the standard fence falls short, leaving your property vulnerable.

That's where A1 Fence's Anti-Vehicle Rope Barrier (AVRB) steps in. This powerful solution acts as a shield against vehicular intrusion, doubling up with your existing fence throughout the perimeter. 
It is the most simple and efficient system worldwide for perimeter security aiding hostile vehicle mitigation. This high security solution consists of only four components: post, cable, cable clamp and clamp plate with nuts & bolts. 

A1 stands alone as the sole company to conquer the rigorous testing with a single rope, setting a new standard in security solutions. The ingenious design, using a single rope, makes our system remarkably simple and highly efficient. With terminations occurring every 30 meters, load distribution becomes seamless, and the horizontal load is evenly distributed across all posts. 

ASTM F2656 M50 P1, Compliant with HCIS 2017 Directive
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This HCIS Compliant Anti-Vehile Rope Barrier, proudly manufactured in Saudi Arabia, is a game-changer for critical sectors like Oil & Gas, Energy, Water, Power & Defence. Certified with ASTM F2656 M50 P1 our Anti-Vehicle Barrier demonstrates the capability to halt a 6.8-ton vehicle traveling at 50mph within a penetration distance of less than 1m.


A1's Single Rope Design not only sets it apart but also simplifies installation, reducing complexity and enhancing system performance. Our method of looping and clamping the cable around each post ensures zero sagging and minimizes tension, unlike other systems with prolonged tension over longer distances. Our robust cable evenly distributes impact load, with clamping every six meters for stability and sag resistance.
The barrier is terminated every 30 meters, ensuring a consistent and controlled installation process. Within these 30 meters, the horizontal impact load is evenly distributed among all the posts every 6 meters.This stands in contrast to other systems where the posts between them merely serve as guides and lack load-bearing capabilities. In our system, the load is uniformly distributed across each pole, and due to the limited 30-meter length, there is minimal tension. This design eliminates the need for various pole types or additional support poles. The termination at every 30 meters also simplifies maintenance in case of accidents, as only the affected meter needs replacement. This stands in contrast to systems from other manufacturers, where the entire length may require extensive reworking. This feature proves to be a significant advantage for end-users.
Successfully underwent testing with a foundation depth of 1.65 meters, marking the shallowest in the industry. All the posts share a uniform type, necessitating an identical foundation for each. This standardized foundation requirement eliminates the need to adapt to various foundation types. Instead, one can consistently create and utilize the same foundation, simplifying the installation process by placing the posts in it and then laying the cables. With a shallow depth of only 1.67 meters, it can also be seamlessly combined with APF (Anti Personnel Fence) systems.
Comprising only four key elements - post, cable, cable clamp, and clamp plate with nuts & bolts - this streamlined design simplifies various aspects such as shipping, on-site inventory management, and transportation.
The distance between our Anti-Vehicle Barrier (AVB) and A-1 Akat® - categorized as Class 1 fence, can be minimized to as little as 226 mm, resulting in space savings along the perimeter. This innovative approach enables the implementation of a shared foundation between the fence and AVB posts every 6 meters, ensuring a trouble-free installation experience on-site.
This termination strategy allows for well-planned corners without incurring additional costs. The rope-type design provides flexibility in installation, making it advantageous for sites with numerous corners and steps as no customization is required on site.
The Anti-Vehicle Barrier (AVB) combines robust security features with a user-friendly installation process. Its single rope design, termination at every 30 meters, and uniform post type simplify installation. With a shallow 1.65-meter foundation depth, the AVB allows for quick and space-saving deployment. The shared foundation with the Anti-Personnel Fence (APF) at 6-meter intervals allows for efficient and cost-effective deployment.. The AVB's four-component structure ensures simplicity in shipping and management. Its design flexibility accommodates corners seamlessly. In essence, the AVB prioritizes both security and a streamlined installation experience.

What makes our Anti-Vehicle Rope Barrier better than the others?

Our Anti-Vehicle Barrier surpasses others with a successful M50-P1 crash rating, ensuring top-tier impact resistance.

The unique single rope design, featuring a thick rope, sets us apart as the sole company to pass the crash test with such simplicity and efficiency.

Termination at every 30 meter guarantees consistent and controlled installation, distributing loads evenly across all posts, a feature absent in many other systems.

The barrier's common foundation requirement for all posts simplifies installation, offering a standardized approach to deployment.

With the shallowest foundation depth in the industry at 1.65 meters, our barrier saves space and seamlessly integrates with Anti-Personnel Fence (APF) systems.

The system comprises only four major components, including post, cable, cable clamp, and clamp plate with nuts & bolts, ensuring uncomplicated shipping, inventory management, and transportation.

A clamping system every six meters on every post eliminates sagging and minimizes tension, contributing to long-term durability and reduced maintenance.

The robust wire/rope design, combined with termination every 30 meters, facilitates easy replacements and diminishes the need for extensive rework in case of accidents.

The barrier's longevity is guaranteed by post-fabrication hot-dip galvanization, preserving both its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal throughout the years.

In summary, our Anti-Vehicle Barrier excels in crash resistance, simplicity of design, standardized installation, and long-term durability, making it the superior choice in the market.


A1 Alcazar Anti-Vehicle Rope Barrier Specifications

A1 Alcazar Anti-Vehicle Rope Barrier Specifications



ASTM F2656 M50 P1

Vehicle Weight

7200 kg

Vehicle Speed

80 kmph

Penetration (Static & Dynamic)

less than 1 meter

AKAT Pro Material Specification

ميزة A-1

كانتA1 كانت A1 Fenceواحدة من الشركات الرائدة في توفير حلول أمنية عالية الجودة ومعتمدة ومبتكرة على مستوى العالم.


عقدين من الخبرة في مجال الأمن المحيط.

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إننا نساعد في تصميم حزمة حلول كاملة من خلال فهم التهديدات الأمنية في الموقع واختيار مجموعات مناسبة من المنتجات ودمجها جميعًا.

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لدينا مصنع محلي في المملكة العربية السعودية، و 4 منشآت تصنيع في الهند، و 2 في الخارج ، ونحن نفتخر بقدرة تصنيعية تبلغ 60,000 طن متري سنويًا، كما أن تجهيزات الطلاء الحديثة لدينا قادرة على إنتاج طلاءات عالية الجودة مثل PPCأو PVCأو TPC

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