Entrance Control System

Upgrade your entrance to a world-class and modern standard with our advanced Entrance Control System. In today's fast-paced world, controlling and securing access points is crucial for businesses, institutions, and facilities of all kinds. Our Entrance Control System is designed to provide seamless and efficient access control, enhancing security and convenience.

Our state-of-the-art system encompasses a range of solutions, including turnstiles, access gates, security barriers, and more. These cutting-edge technologies are equipped with the latest features such as biometric authentication, RFID card access, and facial recognition, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter your premises.

The advantages of implementing our Entrance Control System are manifold. It not only strengthens security measures but also streamlines visitor management, reduces unauthorized access, and provides valuable data insights for better decision-making. Whether you need to secure a corporate office, a government facility, or a public venue, our system can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Take control of your entrance with our innovative Entrance Control System and experience heightened security, improved efficiency, and peace of mind. Upgrade your access management today and stay ahead in safeguarding your valuable assets and personnel.


Entrance Control System Advantages

Discover the Advantages of A1 Fence's Entrance Control System. As a global leader in perimeter security, we offer high-quality, certified, and innovative solutions that redefine access control. Our Entrance Control System enhances security by providing advanced authentication methods like biometrics and RFID card access, ensuring only authorized individuals gain entry.

By choosing A1 Fence, you benefit from our years of expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch security solutions. Our Entrance Control System streamlines visitor management, reduces unauthorized access, and provides valuable data insights for enhanced decision-making.

Whether safeguarding corporate offices, government facilities, or public venues, our customizable system is designed to meet your unique security needs. Elevate your access management with A1 Fence's innovative Entrance Control System, setting new standards for security, efficiency, and peace of mind.


2 decades of experience in the perimeter security domain.

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We help in designing a complete solution package by understanding the security threats at site and selecting suitable combination of products and integrating all of them

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We have a local manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia and 4 manufacturing facilities in India & 2 abroad, we boast a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 metric tons per annum and our state of the art coating setup is capable of producing superior quality coatings like PPC, PVC or TPC.

Installation Support

We have a dedicated team for complete end - to - end installation & AMC support for maintaining the various systems by a strong network of partners and inhouse supervisors, trainers and support team

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