What we do?

We revolutionize high-security fencing with HCIS-compliant fences and barriers across various sectors, including industrial facilities, oil and gas refineries, border protections, airports, and seaports. Our company, as the manufacturer and security fence supplier in Saudi Arabia, specializes in providing a wide range of HCIS-compliant solutions. These include access control solution suppliers in Saudi Arabia, gate barrier suppliers in Saudi Arabia, access control systems in Saudi Arabia, gate barriers, crash-rated fences, crash-rated bollards, and chain link fences.

Key Products Offered by A1 Fence - Leading Fence Manufacturer and Supplier

Reinforcing Safety with High-Security A1 Fence Company Products - Leading Fence Manufacturer and Supplier in Saudi Arabia. ASTM Barriers, Crash-Rated Barriers and Fences, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, Anti-Personnel Fences, and Intrusion Detection Systems. As the access control solution supplier in Saudi Arabia and a trusted gate barrier supplier in Saudi Arabia, we offer top-notch security solutions. Our expertise extends to cutting-edge Access Control Systems in Saudi Arabia, ensuring comprehensive safety for diverse sectors.

A1 Fence Products is the vanguard of security solutions in Saudi Arabia. As a prominent access control solution supplier, we prioritize security. Serving as a dependable gate barrier supplier, our range includes state-of-the-art Access Control Systems. We are committed to enhancing safety across various sectors.

AKAT Pro 6 - Anti-cut Security Manufacturer
<p>AKAT Pro 6 A1 is an anti-cut perimeter security fencing system, recognized as one of the tested fencing systems, providing the ultimate protection for critical assets by delaying intruders using moderate and aggressive tools, as per ASTM F2781

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Anti Vehicle Barrier
A1 Fence, as one of the leading anti <a href="">vehicle barrier</a> manufacturers, offers anti vehicle barriers that provide the utmost protection for critical assets against vehicle attacks

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Crash Rated Bollards
A1 Fence is a <a href="">certified perimeter security bollards manufacturer and supplier in Riyadh Saudi Arabia</a>

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Radar security system
Our cutting-edge Surveillance Radar System, a key component of our radar security services, serves as an active perimeter surveillance radar and radar security system

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We are High Security Fence Manufacturers

A-1 Fence is a high security fence manufacturer and supplier in Saudi Arabia and our fences are compliant to HCIS 2017 directive. HCIS is the national regulatory agency for Security, Safety & Fire Protection requirements at industrial facilities and designated critical infrastructure. We offer HCIS-compliant products for all classes 1, 2, 3 & 4. Our solutions for these facilities include Forced Entry Resistance, Anti-Personnel Fences, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, Intrusion Detection, Access Control Solutions, and Aesthetic demarcation.

Oil & Gas

We offer protection for major oil & gas facilities including gas oil separation plants (GOSP), oil refining & storage.

Power Generation

We offer protection for power generation facilities like thermal power plants & solar farms also including other major electricity generation facilities.


We offer protection for water desalination facilities & pumping stations.


We offer for protection for sea ports, airports & roadways for commercial & industrial purposes.


We provide high security perimeter solutions for major chemical and manufacturing facilities.

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Who We Are

A1 Fence is one of the best-integrated perimeter security solution manufacturers and suppliers in Saudi Arabia. With A-1 branded products & solutions, we protect assets, borders, and people all over the world. Established in the year 1998, A-1 has grown to become an end-to-end solution provider for turnkey projects extending our services right from site survey to installation and commissioning. Our products and services cater to a wide gamut of industries ranging from farmlands to military forces in more than 50 Countries.



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Our Esteemed Clients

Over the years A1 Fence have reached great heights and now has become the most trusted security fence company by providing distinctly superior products and services. Here are a few of our esteemed clients with whom we have worked over the years

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