Anti Climb
The Mesh size of 76.2 X 12.7 mm makes it difficult to grip thus prohibiting any chances of climbing the fence.

UNICO Shield Specifications

A1 Fences are one of the top class 1 and class 2 High-security fence suppliers in Saudi Arabia. The Unicoshield Anti climb panel is designed with small welded mesh spacing which resists any kind of Intrusion and makes it impossible to cut through the welded wire mesh fence using normal and conventional hand tools.

UNICO Shield Specifications
AKAT Pro Material Specification

Advantages of A-1 UNICOShield

A1 Fence has been one of the leader in perimeter providing globally providing high quality, certified & innovative high security fencing solutions


2 decades of experience in the perimeter security domain.

Solutions Design

We help in designing a complete solution package by understanding the security threats at site and selecting suitable combination of products and integrating all of them

Manufacturing & Coating Expertise

We have a local manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia and 4 manufacturing facilities in India & 2 abroad, we boast a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 metric tons per annum and our state of the art coating setup is capable of producing superior quality coatings like PPC, PVC or TPC.

Installation Support

We have a dedicated team for complete end - to - end installation & AMC support for maintaining the various systems by a strong network of partners and inhouse supervisors, trainers and support team

Application Areas

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