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What is ASTM F2656-20 in Anti-vehicle Barrier?

ASTM F2656-20 is a structured procedure to establish a penetration rating for vehicle perimeter barriers subjected to a vehicle impact. Knowing the penetration rating helps to select an appropriate barrier for site-specific conditions around a facility.

The M50 P1 anti-ram vehicle barrier is a proven high-security vehicle barrier that can stop huge vehicles from breaching any perimeter with an innovative design that gives the A1 vehicle barriers a strong resistance to vehicle-borne attacks.
Rating Vehicle Weight Vehicle Speed Penetration Rating
M30 15000 lbs 30 mph **P1, P2, P3
M40 15000 lbs 40 mph **P1, P2, P3
M50 15000 lbs 50 mph **P1, P2, P3

Penetration is measured by three categories: P1= ≤ 1m (3.3 ft).; P2 = 1.01 – 7 m (3.31 to 23.0 ft.); P3 = 7.01 – 30m (23.1ft. to 98.4 ft.)


High Strength
Capable of stopping an incoming hostile vehicle attack weighing upto 15000 lbs charging at a speed of upto 50 mph within 1 meter.

Anti-vehicle Barrier Specifications

A1 fence is among the leading ASTM anti-vehicle barrier Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. Our M50 P51 barriers are HCIS compliant and are tested across various parameters like vehicle speed and vehicle penetration distance. A hot dip galvanized coating is used on the A1 anti-vehicle barrier and anti-ram vehicle barrier system which is a protective layer used to protect against corrosion.

Anti-vehicle Barrier Specifications
AKAT Pro Material Specification

Advantages of Anti Vehicle Barrier

A1 Fence has been one of the leader in perimeter providing globally providing high quality, certified & innovative high security fencing solutions


2 decades of experience in the perimeter security domain.

Solutions Design

We help in designing a complete solution package by understanding the security threats at site and selecting suitable combination of products and integrating all of them

Manufacturing & Coating Expertise

We have a local manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia and 4 manufacturing facilities in India & 2 abroad, we boast a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 metric tons per annum and our state of the art coating setup is capable of producing superior quality coatings like PPC, PVC or TPC.

Installation Support

We have a dedicated team for complete end - to - end installation & AMC support for maintaining the various systems by a strong network of partners and inhouse supervisors, trainers and support team

Application Areas

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